Our Story


Michelle’s Story

Michelle is the only child of Louie and Joelle. Born and educated in Hong Kong, she spent part of her childhood in Toronto when the family immigrated there in 1994. Having completed professional training in Education, she started teaching in 2011. Like Rodney, she strives to strike a balance between her busy work and studies, and staying healthy. Not only will their wedding take place in December, but she will also be graduating from her Masters in Comparative Literature in the same month. When she’s not at work, you can catch her pigging out in eateries across the island, working out in the gym or checking another city off her bucket list.

Rodney’s Story

The first child of Clive and Ivy and elder brother of Lawrence, Rodney was born and raised in Hong Kong. He completed his studies in Architecture in 2012 and has been working as an architect and interior designer since. As dedicated as he is as to his many projects, he still finds time to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Since he joined the Hong Kong Dodgeball League in 2011, he has been an active player in almost every season. His current teams are Balls on Your Mom and Ballzilla. A keen traveler and part-time Pokemon trainer, he also enjoys lying around in the house watching movies and TV shows in his free time.

The Story Starts at a Party...

We Met at a Party. Like any other modern day love story, we met at a mutual friend’s birthday night out. He’s single and she’s taken.

We almost became friends on facebook. He sent her a friend request. She didn’t respond. He withdrew his request.


We meet again at a birthday junk. A joint birthday celebration for her and two friends, he came with the most beautiful birthday cake ever – the pink rose from Tony Wong Patisserie. She went up to him and said, “Thank you.” It was the first time they talked to each other.

We became friends on facebook. The umbrella he left behind on the car became the perfect excuse to ask her out on a date. It didn’t take long before they hit it off.


We’re Engaged. Almost 2 years after they celebrated their first anniversary together, he popped the question at home and she said yes.


We’re tying the knot. After 4 years together, they have decided that the only way to make this sacred friendship eternal is to put it into a wedlock!

He Popped The Question...
And She Said Yes!